Skip Bin Sizes

In Australia, skip bin dimensions can vary depending on the city. Some may offer a wider range of sizes, while others may have a more limited selection. Additionally, certain cities may have regulations in place that dictate the maximum size of skip bins that can be used.

It’s important to consider the specific needs of your project and research the available options before choosing a skip bin size.

offering various sizes of skip bin

The following table provides a general overview of our skip bin sizes and their intended uses.

2 Cubic Metres1.8 metres1.0 metres1.5 metresSpring cleaning, tree pruning and other green waste.
3 Cubic Metres2.5 metres1.0 metres1.6 metresBathroom renovations, garage & shed cleanouts, green waste, etc.
4 Cubic Metres2.5 metres1.0 metres1.7 metresKitchen renovations, landscaping and factory cleanups.
5 Cubic Metres2.5 metres1.25 metres1.6 metresMoving house, Kitchen Renovations, Small Excavations project.
6 Cubic Metres3.4 metres1.3 metres1.6 metresMid size landscaping, carpentry waste & moving house cleanups.
8 Cubic Metres3.5 metres1.6 metres1.7 metresCommercial renovations, large tree pruning & roof tile removal.
10 Cubic Metres4.1 metres1.6 metres1.7 metresDeceased Estates, large-scale building & Shop fit-outs.
12 Cubic Metres4.6 metres1.8 metres1.7 metresLarge garden cleanup, Large excavation project, Moving house.

Please note that these sizes may vary depending on the location, so it’s always best to check the availability.